Redefine Urban Mobility

Meet the world's safest and lightest kid-friendly cargo bike.

See the MK1-E
  • Superior Steering

    Because the MK1-E leans into turns, it's both fast and safe. The tricycle wheel configuration makes it stable enough to ride with kids, while the ability to lean makes it comfortable and safe on uneven surfaces.

  • Technically Unrivalled

    The MK1-E comes equipped with the most advanced e-bike motor out there—the Performance Line CX. Delivering an impressive maximum torque, it'll help you conquer the steepest hills without breaking a sweat.

  • All About Options

    The MK1-E isn't a one-size fits all bicycle. Designed to fit your changing needs, it easily adapts to fit a baby and child, a toddler in a car seat, or four kids under the age of eight. Of course, it's great for non-human cargo too!

Tech Specs

All that and a bag of potato chips.

  • Built to Tilt

    Our patented built-to-tilt™ driving system creates a unique and thrilling ride.

  • Secure Seating

    Integrated Isofix mount for standard infant car seats with Isofix interface.

  • Attention to Detail

    Includes lockable glove box with integrated cup holder and parking stand.

  • Super Lightweight

    Powder coated, hardened light weight aluminium frame - 7005 T6.

Meet the MK1-E

Check out our new promo video to see the MK1-E in action!


The MK1-E is the original tilting cargo bike.

The automatic gears on your MK1-E work great so shifting will feel smooth, seamless, and secure even under full load.

Long Lasting

Built with the unrivalled Bosch Performance Line eBike system, the MK1-E will last long enough to pass down to your children.

Hand Built

The MK1-E is designed with passion and hand built for you with pride and love in Copenhagen's lively Meatpacking District.

Our customers agree with us!

If Apple designed an electric bicycle, it would be the MK1-E. From beautiful design to performance to state-of-the-art utility, this bike is best in class.

The clean design, the thought-through features, and the high-quality build, the MK1-E sets the standard for its niche.

High-quality kit, unlike anything I’ve ever ridden! Saddle up for a thrilling ride!